The easy way to reach the book market

Production, distribution, invoicing and revenue reports for printed as well as digital book formats – all in one interface.

Reach the book market with Publit’s distribution solution

Whether you have printed books, digital books or both in your catalogue, our solutions are built to make it easy for you as a publisher to reach the entire book market from a single platform.

Digital books

Reach digital readers through popular subscription services and Swedish online retailers. Simply select the channels you want to reach, set your selling prices and manage your price and publishing strategy through our user-friendly interface. No more time-consuming administration and invoicing, we’ll take care of that for you.

Physical books

Have you been searching for a way to combine warehousing with Print-on-Demand? Look no further! At Publit you can transition seamlessly between warehousing and Print-on-Demand. Let consumer demands determine whether you want to do a large print run or several small print runs. Or perhaps simply print copies on demand once they’ve been ordered. With our Print-on-Demand solution you don’t have to invest your working capital in just one long print run. We’ll manage everything from production to distribution to invoicing for you. Doesn’t get any simpler than this!


Let us guide you to your solution

Publit built a platform where you as a publisher can distribute your books to all channels in all formats from the same place.

Pay as you go

A flexible solution to reach the book stores - no monthly fee and no notice period. Pay when you sell!

Create account

SEK 0/month*

*No monthly fee - pay 10% of your revenue in commission fee

  • No starting fee

  • Publish e-books and printed books

    Free publication of e-books

  • Unlimited number of editions

  • Print on Demand

    The books are printed when they're sold!

  • Create your own webshops 

    20% distribution fee

  • Distribution of ebooks to online stores

  • Distribution to physical book stores

  • E-mail support

Fixed Price Digital Books

When you want to reach the major subscription services in Sweden, for a fixed monthly price. Quick and easy!

Contact us

from 495 SEK/month

  • Everything from Pay As You Go, and:
  • No commission fee
  • Publish audiobooks

  • Distribution to subscription services 

    Storytel, BookBeat, Nextory and Bookmate

  • Distribution to libraries 

    Through OverDrive

  • Prioritized support

Need customised functions and channels? Contact us!

Fixed Price Physical Books

Avoid the commission fee and distribute your books at a fixed price!

Contact us!

1 395 SEK/month

  • Everything from Pay As You Go, and:
  • No commission fee
  • Access to warehouse services

  • Prioritized support

Need customised functions and channels? Contact us!

All prices are excluding VAT

Convert your books

Do you want to up your digital presence? Producing digital books can take a lot of specific knowledge and not everyone has the ability to make them on their own. Publit offers conversion to both e- and audiobook. Send us your PDF and we’ll take care of the production – a simple way to become a part of the digital offering.

Read about our conversion offers

Reach more customers with a webshop

Create a bookshop, get access to real-time sales data and find out who’s reading what.

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