This is Publit

About us

Publit is a fast-growing company that provides endless possibilities for anyone aspiring to publish and distribute books. By technical innovation and creativity we’re establishing a new way of thinking: printing books on demand, co-producing print books and ebooks as well as gathering sales and customer data. Publit was developed to meet the needs of publishers, for those who lack the funds or extensive knowledge required to start a publishing house.

We have more than a thousand users ranging from traditional publishing houses, authorities, agencies to self publicists. We’re excited to enter several international markets within the near future.


What we do

We’re often perceived as disrupters in a very traditional industry. It’s a position we’ve claimed and one that we want to reinforce by spreading the word about what we’re doing and why.

We’re convinced that publishing as we know it is facing a paradigm shift. It's making room for a new mind-set: one that is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, with a curious and experimental approach to publishing where Publit plays an active role. After all, the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.


Where it all started

It all started with the love for books, and Publit was conceived as a result of that. The founders used to meet over a beer to discuss the book of the month in their book circle, but had trouble getting hold of titles that were out of print. They toyed with the idea of setting up a small scale publishing operation to bring some of their favourite writers back in print, but found that the traditional way of publishing was not affordable for books in low demand. The idea quickly developed into something new: a service that makes it easy for anyone who wants to publish books on demand. They needed a new set of tools, and building Publit as a result of that need was a way of scratching their own itch.

Ever since then we’ve been on a mission. We constantly strive to make the process of publishing, distributing and selling books as easy as possible.